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The final  Project of technical writing is to create a online portfolio where future employers will be access to view my credentials and acquire more information about myself other than just a simple resume or CV. This blog is made to give people a better understanding of Tim Hellickson. The navigation of the blog can be seen from the top tabs Starting in descending order.

  • Home

This is the start page where my posts are found and other events that are happening.

  • About Me:

This tab is a sample photo, and brief description of myself and other things such as my major and goals.

  • Resume

On this tab is a sample of my Resume

  • Team Solar Refrigeration Compressor

The senior design Cap-stone project.

  • 1915 Ford Model-T Transmission

On this tab is a sample of a CAD design while working  at the University of Idaho.

  • Entrepreneurial Company Design

This tab has a brief description of a project, with an attachment of a portfolio.

  • Thermal Fluids Design Mechanical Engineering Course

Another example of my work while here at the University of Idaho.

  • Reflection

The reflection tab is a reflective paper about the semester and what knowledge has been gained from the semester, and looks towards the future.


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